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Growing up, WaveX co-founder Andreas never liked the taste of water. As he got older, he began suffering from cramps because of dehydration, but he still found it hard to drink enough plain water every day.

In 2001, Andreas moved from Germany to Shanghai to serve as a managing director for a China-based German company. It’s here he met future WaveX co-founder Gavin, an innovation engineer who had been designing products since 1996. They bonded over the fact that Gavin’s daughter also faced a similar problem as Andreas: at only ten, she was already hooked on sugary drinks and found plain water unappealing.

This was also the moment they both realized the hydration problem was bigger than themselves.

One day, on a trip back home to Germany, Andreas came across a radio show talking about a radical concept: flavoring water through smell via a process called retronasal olfaction.

Inspired, Andreas returned to Shanghai to brainstorm with Gavin. They tapped Steel, an experienced manufacturing plant owner, to become the third co-founder of WaveX. Together, they got to work designing and manufacturing a water bottle that can flavor water through retronasal olfaction.

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Today, thanks to the patented WaveX water bottles, Andreas no longer experiences dehydration cramps and Gavin’s daughter has fallen in love with plain water. And now, this is where our story meets yours. Are you ready to take the leap with us into a new world of hydration?