Flavored water

Without the additives

Having trouble ditching the soda and sugary drinks? Having trouble getting your eight cups of water a day? Or just looking for a reliable, BPA free water bottle?

With WaveX’s new retronasal water bottle, we’ve got you covered! Just add water, pop on the flavor Taste Bud, and take a sip. You’ll be blown away by how your water can taste without any additives. With a huge range of 100% natural flavor Taste Buds to choose from, you’ll never get bored of drinking water again.

What is

Retronasal Olfaction?

Your tongue is only responsible for tasting sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness, and umami (or savoriness). If that’s the case, then how can you taste the difference between a Coke and a Sprite?

Well, all other flavors are actually just aromas that your nose tastes via a process called retronasal olfaction. We’ve extracted these naturally occurring aromas from your favorite flavors and put them into our WaveX Taste Buds. And through retronasal olfaction, you get to experience all these flavors from your WaveX water bottle without having to add anything to your water!


Make Your Water Taste

Just the Way You Like It

Looking to kick your sweet tooth for coke? We’ve got a Taste Bud for that. Trying to cut down on coffee but love the taste? We’ve got a Taste Bud for that. Your fruit infusions still tasting too bland? You bet we’ve got a Taste Bud for that too! Bored? Swap out for a different WaveX Taste Bud to taste a whole new drink, all while just drinking water from a single WaveX water bottle!

WaveX Taste Buds provide flavor for up to 5L of water, so you can keep on sipping throughout the day!


The WaveX Sports Model is made to satiate the needs of any active lifestyle. The 600ML bottle is constructed from BPA free Tritan, making it durable, and leak-proof. Make it your water bottle with our customizable colorways!

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The WaveX Kids Model is a smaller version of the WaveX Sports Model, at 550ML. Like the Sports Model, its solid BPA-free Tritan construction ensures that it is durable, lightweight, and free from harmful chemicals. Just have your child choose their favorite colors to create their own custom colorway WaveX bottle!